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Low attendance for your speech? No problem!

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Giving a speech and the attendance numbers aren’t what you had anticipated? You can still give an effective speech by following these 3 tips.

KLT – Know, Like, Trust to get business

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Want to know how to get business? It’s not by spraying business cards!

No shame in the pivot game!

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Plan A not working out? Have a plan B available. That’s the message I got from Margaret Meloni, my podcast guest. Tune in to hear our entire conversation at


Speed matters

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Speaking speed matters. The brains of your audience members only work so fast. You need to give them time to take in what you’re saying. What’s the speed to shoot…

No notes no more!

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Have you ever sat through a presentation where the presenter read the PowerPoint slides word for word? I mean…they read EVERYTHING and added NOTHING else. If so, do you remember…

I’m nervous about giving a speech. What should I do?

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You have a speech to give, and you’re nervous. So nervous that you’re thinking of every excuse in the book to get out of it. What can you do to…


Mary Shores

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She’s an author. She’s a speaker. She’s an entrepreneur. Mary Shores is a whole lot of things. Her recent book, Conscious Communications, has been met with rave reviews. Mary’s business…

Adriannia Robinson

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Adriannia Robinson has come a long way. Homeless and unemployed in 2015, she decided she never wanted to be dependent on a single income ever again. I can relate! She…

Nikki Clarke

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Nikki Clarke is a tour de force. Jewelry maker, show host, public speaker. What can she not do? If you go on her website,, you’ll find all her shows….