3 reasons employees should improve as public speakers

By March 13, 2017Blogs

When I worked as an engineer, I knew that public speaking was an important skill to have. I didn’t work on it, though. I wasn’t at work to be a speaker, I told myself. I really shot myself in the foot with this mentality.

Here are three reasons that employees should strive to become better public speakers. I wish I had taken my own advice!

  1. It conveys intelligence

A few months after starting a job as an engineer, I learned that I’d have to give monthly presentations to upper management. I struggled at first. While presenting, I’d look down at my feet a lot. I knew what my shoes looked like REALLY well. I mumbled a lot, too. Needless to say, I doubt I made a favorable first impression. When I started actually looking at the execs and enunciating my words, I’m sure their thoughts on me changed. I sounded and looked like I knew what I was talking about. Turns out execs appreciate that kind of thing.

  1. It improves productivity

I used to be a project leader. Every week, I’d call a meeting with the project team. At first, I wasn’t good at explaining what needed to be done for the project. Things would fall through the cracks. You’d be surprised at how productivity picks up when people know what to do the first time.

  1. It leads to promotions and pay raises

So many employees avoid public speaking, which makes the ones that do it more noticeable. Have you ever felt that the wrong people at your company were getting promotions and pay raises? Chances are the reason that they got them is because they were more visible. Why were they more visible? They spoke to decision makers more often. I wish I had a personal example for this one. My bank account would definitely be healthier because of it!

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