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By February 4, 2017Blogs

I’m not an expert. I’m just a guy who likes to think about stuff.

It took me a long time to build up the courage to reject corporate life and go out on my own.  I’m sure a lot of you who have ever thought about quitting your corporate jobs have one reason for another as to why you don’t go through with it. I sat down one day and wrote out every excuse I could think of. Some of them applied to me, others did not. My next few posts will address these excuses and reasons to overcome them.

Why I won’t leave a corporate job I don’t like

I have a mortgage. I have a significant other. I have kids. I have responsibilities. Wouldn’t it be irresponsible for me to quit the job that pays me every other week? My answer to that is: it’s irresponsible of you to stay if you’re not happy at your job.

If you’re happy in one aspect of your life and totally miserable in another, the miserable will inevitably bleed into the happy. I had a coworker who would come to work miserable every day. Do you think he was a pleasure to work with? Hardly. And when he left the office to go home as unhappy as when he came, was he a joy for his family to be around? I doubt it. His work life affected his home life, and vice versa. His life devolved into a continuous cycle of…meh! Your family deserves your best self. And you should want to give it to them. Why stay at a job that you don’t like just for a paycheck? Aren’t there other ways to earn money?

But, Neil, what about my responsibilities to my family? The mortgage won’t pay itself! Your responsibility is to be someone your family members want to be around. Which do you think your family prefers: your money or your happiness? If your family actually likes you, I hope the latter is the answer!

I’m not suggesting you leave your job tomorrow. Definitely develop an exit strategy. But you shouldn’t stay on at a job just because of the money. You can make money at other jobs. Even if you decide against working for yourself, you can always get another job elsewhere. You just have to believe that you deserve to be happy. I didn’t even have a family relying on me, and I was still wary of giving up direct deposit! But I eventually got over the fear of giving up the supposed job security at a company. In this day and age, there is no such thing as job security. A couple bad quarters and you can find yourself packing up your desk.

So don’t let your responsibility to bring in a paycheck stop you from leaving a toxic job. Your happiness at work matters, and it translates into all aspects of your life. And you can always find another job. Your responsibility is to be a happy and fully engaged family member and friend.

Next time, I’ll offer another excuse to overcome. Stay tuned!

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