Mary Shores

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She’s an author. She’s a speaker. She’s an entrepreneur. Mary Shores is a whole lot of things. Her recent book, Conscious Communications, has been met with rave reviews. Mary’s business has garnered over $40 million to date, and her success is still growing. She’s obviously a woman on the move. I found out about her business beginnings, her journey to entrepreneurship, and the motivation for writing her book. Great episode!

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Adriannia Robinson

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Adriannia Robinson has come a long way. Homeless and unemployed in 2015, she decided she never wanted to be dependent on a single income ever again. I can relate! She started Designed by Adriannia in 2016 and hasn’t looked back. Branding is all the rage now, and Adriannia can help you improve (or even create) yours. I chatted with her about her bout with homelessness, the work she does for clients, and her future plans.

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Nikki Clarke

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Nikki Clarke is a tour de force. Jewelry maker, show host, public speaker. What can she not do? If you go on her website,, you’ll find all her shows. Yes, she has more than one. The Nikki Clarke Show, Foodie Central, And the Beat Goes On. The list seems to actually go on! Nikki’s also a motivational speaker at schools and events in the greater Toronto area. I found out about her speaking engagements, where she finds time to head all her endeavors, and her tips for becoming a great public speaker. What an informative and fun episode!

Keenya Kelly

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Looking to be empowered? Want to reach your full potential? Then Keenya Kelly is your girl. Mastermind leader, private coach, branding expert – Keenya is all of these things. She’s also a prolific speaker, delivering powerful messages to entrepreneurs and corporate professionals alike. As she sees it, her job is to convince the audience that it can succeed in making changes in their work and personal lives.

I was interested to find out about the various offshoots of her business and how public speaking has benefited her professionally.

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Paul Kolecki

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Paul Kolecki is a voice coach who has developed a system that can teach people how to use voice, breath, and visualization techniques to improve pronunciation and reduce an accent. Classically trained as a singer and pianist, he initially made his system for actors who weren’t singers, but later adapted it for public speakers. I asked him about where he got the idea for his system from and how a public speaker can use it to great effect. After speaking with him, I need to stop putting bass in my voice when talking to women. They see right through it!

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Eboni Gee

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Eboni Gee is the co-founder of LWAP (Living With a Purpose Consulting). A registered nurse who has over 15 years of healthcare experience, she’s a coach, workshop facilitator, course creator, and of course, public speaker. She’s a master of goal setting, obstacle smashing, and personal development. How does she deal with fear? How does she prepare? Does she having any tips for those of us who struggle with public speaking? Let’s get her take on public speaking!

Damon Brown

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Entrepreneur. Author. TED Speaker. Damon Brown is all of these things and more. But all of these titles stem from Damon’s main mission – to help his clients get clear on their message to themselves and their desired audiences. I was interested in chatting with Damon about his many endeavors, including his latest book, The Bite-Sized Entrepreneur, his biggest accomplishment, and his biggest fail. We got through some of it, but what we did address was golden! It was definitely an informative 30 minutes.

Learn more about Damon at (I guess .com was taken…)


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Clinton Young

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Clinton Young is an energetic and powerful professional speaker. International Business Consulting with giants like Amazon and Microsoft? Been there. Training entrepreneurs? Done that. Motivational speaking? Check. Ultimately, his personal mission in life is to move people into inspired action, empowering them to unlock their unique potential to thrive. I was interested in chatting with Clinton about where his love of speaking and connecting with people came from, where his speaking has taken him and where he’d like to go with it next. Be ready to be inspired!

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Dr. Tyra Seldon

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I was happy to have writer and editor Dr. Tyra Seldon as our special guest. Founder of the Seldon Writing Group, she develops content for schools, websites, businesses, education companies, and non-profit organizations. In her past life, she was an English professor, teaching several literature and writing courses, including business communication and research method courses. She doesn’t hog all her knowledge to herself, as she often hosts webinars and community workshops for aspiring scholars and writers. I asked Dr. Seldon about her journey to entrepreneurship, her strategies for landing clients, and her biggest mistake as a business owner. Hopefully I have no grammar mistakes in this intro.

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Ashlee French

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Spiritual coach, energy healer, and massage therapist Ashlee French is a master holistic health practitioner. The owner of Soul Awakening Force, Ashlee is focused on educating her clients on living a healthy lifestyle while finding their authentic selves. I chatted with Ashlee about the inspiration for starting her business, her biggest achievement since being a business owner, and her biggest mistake.

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