According to studies, people fear public speaking more than death. It is not uncommon to go totally blank when you get onto podium and yet we routinely see people who becomes more alive on stage. Somehow, the podium brings out their best thoughts, emotions and antics. Neil is one such speaker. He can make a very dull and mundane topic very interesting. I remember his talk about making breakfast for a large group of people. He spoke so I well that I could visualize his every move. He is also a record holder for finishing the competent communicator series in our speaking club.

Neil convinces his audience not only through his words, but through his emotions and with very apparent conviction behind his words. I always looked forward to his speeches. They were light and entertaining but always with a clear message. I wish him all the best for his future endeavors.

Shobhit Mishra

I have had the pleasure of listening to Neil speak on numerous occasions.Neil has a special quality of connecting with his audience. Neil delivers humorous and serious presentations with equal enthusiasm. Neil shares with his audiences, the good, bad and ugly of some of his experiences.

Richard Jennings

Neil Thompson is well aware of the struggles ordinary people have. He has this wonderful gift where he can communicate the main issues, clarify those issues in simple everyday terms and then provide the clear pathway to solutions. Neil’s ability to sync all these aspects is so refreshing. Neil is indeed unique, and he has a message people need to hear.

Sawarnjit Singh